Elite Management Online

Elite Management was established to provide a solution to unauthorised and illegal parking on private land.

We have grown from a small local based company to a nationwide organisation and pride ourselves in tailoring our services to suit your specific requirements.

Our knowledge and expertise in this industry has lead large organisations to make use of our parking control services such as housing associations, property managing agents and individual landlords.

With a vast experience in solving parking problems ranging from a single parking space to a shopping centre car park you can be assured that we can solve any problem efficiently and effectively.


Our services include car park management and maintenance including pay & display machines, ticketing, clamping, site cleansing, roadsweeping, car park security throughout Birmingham, West Midlands and London.

Our philosophy is to make sure your site runs smoothly and efficiently with the highest expertise in professional car park maintenance. Our aim is to provide a facilities management service to our clients in regards to running a turnkey operation in car park and site services.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.

Car Ticketing

This system offers a confrontation free alternative to traditional methods of parking enforcement.

We supply all the necessary equipment to meet the requirements set out by law. This includes ample signage, as well as all the required paperwork needed for us to process the penalty. This system can either be administered by us or the client.

All our patrol operatives are professional and courteous; correctly ensuring the law is upheld. Vehicles must be correctly parked, for the stated period of time and pose no threat to pedestrians or the disabled.

Once a penalty has been issued the driver has 14 days in which to make payment of the penalty at a reduced rate.

After this time a request is made to the DVLA for the registered keeper’s details. In the event of an unpaid penalty the matter is referred to our solicitors and civil action is instigated. As a result of civil judgment being made, the offender risks bailiff visits or confiscation of the vehicle until payment has been made.

Self Ticketing

This service gives your staff total control over parking enforcement and the issuing of parking tickets. It is especially suited to premises such as hospitals, educational establishments or smaller sites where there may be particular sensitivities and where you may only wish to penalise persistent offenders.

It also allows you the control of ticketing when you need to issue one, rather than waiting for our operatives to patrol your premises. This is one of the most simplest parking solutions. We provide all the necessary signage and parking permits for your premises.

When your staff want to issue a ticket, they take a digital photograph of the offending vehicle and then email it to Elite Management. We then contact the DVLA and issue a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) to the vehicle owner.

With the Self Ticketing System we offer two options; a commission to you of £10 per issued PCN. This option requires you to purchase for £100 the package which includes the signage, tickets, camera and polythene bags. The second option does not offer a commission and has no outlay to you.

Car Park Management

There’s more to operating a car park than issuing parking permits and parking tickets. There are numerous Health and Safety regulations that need to be followed rigorously. Failure to comply can make you liable to prosecution and, if someone should sue you as a result of an incident, it may well increase any damages awarded.

The regulations are there for good reasons. You need to make sure that parking areas are properly marked and kept open, hazard-free and accessible to emergency vehicles. You’ll also want to avoid delays in deliveries and despatches for the general smooth-running of your business. There are similar regulations for residential sites. When it comes to parking enforcement, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Let Elite Management (Midlands) Ltd. provide you with parking solutions that ensure you are operating legally and efficiently.